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Our Advantage

Our organizational size and the diverse expertise of our experts provides us the capability to create customized consulting teams that meet the specific requirements of each engagement. Unlike many consulting groups, which retain the services of only a few experts that have a limited scope of practice, we have access to over 20 experienced professionals with subject matter expertise ranging from traditional correctional medical, mental health and dental services to enhanced pharmaco-economic analysis of correctional prescribing patters and Telemedicine services.

The core leadership of J Allen and Associates-Correctional Healthcare Management (CHM) has over 60 years of combined correctional healthcare experience. Additionally, our senior associate leaders have participated individually, or as part of a team, in over 40 correctional healthcare consulting projects ranging from individual clinical case reviews to federal class action lawsuits.

We feel the key differentiating factor between J Allen and Associates- CHM and other consulting groups, is our hands-on experience. The majority of our expert consultants are actively involved in either the delivery of direct patient care or have management roles within existing correctional healthcare organizations.  This “real-world” experience gives our experts a unique perspective on the unique challenges of providing quality healthcare services, to a challenging patient population in sometimes difficult environments.